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Equilates™ is in essence using the discipline of Pilates and making the exercises sport specific to the Equestrian.  At Core Fitness Ltd. we teach the rider to develop as an athlete and to gain body awareness.  The rider must develop their  body to have Strength, Flexibility, Coordination, Core Strength with Power, Alignment, and Total Body Control.  The rider must realize that how they move and use their body has a significant effect on how their horse moves and uses his or her body.  When the rider can achieve these things, the horse will in turn develop Rhythm, Suppleness, Contact, Impulsion, Straightness, and Collection.

When the rider has achieved  Total Body Control, then the horse will acheive Total Body Collection. Together it equals a beautiful ride!

Equilates™ Workshops

Shari Hart earned her Equilates™ Certification in 2004 from world-renowned Dressage teacher and trainer Betsy Steiner. Equilates™ applies Pilates in a sport specific training method for Equestrian riders. Shari holds Day Clinics for groups of 20 or less. Personal Training and Riding observations are also available. Shari has held Clinics for Equine Affair in Columbus Ohio, The Ohio Dressage Society, Flat landers, The University of Findlay, and Betsy Steiner in West Palm Beach Florida.

Services and Training Fees for Equilates™ and Equilates™ Workshops
Personal Training Session: $55.00 (per hour) plus travel expenses

Personal Training Session with riding observation: $70.00 (per hour) plus travel expenses

Equilates™ Day Clinic: $500.00 plus travel expenses (20 person maximum)

Accepting cash and checks only (no credit.)

To Book an appointment, call Shari Hart at 419-425-0269

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