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Sherry Walburn has lived in Findlay since 1987, moving to Findlay from Michigan. Sherry's husband, Steve bought her a Gift Certificate to Core Fitness for Pilates sessions with Mary Pinzone. Sherry loved Pilates so much, she became a Certified Instructor in 2001. Sherry completed her Pilates Certification with Master Instructor Michele Larsson of Core Dynamics Pilates in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She had the opportunity to also work with Master Trainer Ron Fletcher and Pat Guyton.

Sherry saw the benefits of Gyrotonic ® as a life enhancing way of moving. Sherry pursued and completed extensive training with Master Trainer Magali Messac of Gyrotonic ® Seattle, culminating with a Certification by Juliu in Stuttgart, Germany and Miami, Florida. Sherry has also received specialized training and Certifications on the Gyrotonic ® Ladder, Gyrotoner, Jumping Stretching Board, as well as Gyrokinesis ®. The beauty of the movement is first seen and felt in the grace and flow of the equipment such as the Pully Tower designed by Juliu Horvath the creator of the Gyrotonic ® Movement.

Sherry cherishes the opportunities she has had to work with Master Trainers Paul Horvath, Juergen Bamberger, Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle, and John Zahourek. The learning is not just with master instructors, but also with each client and what they bring to each session. Pilates and Gyrotonic ® Training is very rewarding to Sherry and she looks forward to each client and each workout. Sherry would like to thank Mary Pinzone and her husband Steve for introducing her to Pilates and Gyrotonic ®.
Sherry Walburn

Sherry Walburn