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As Shari went through the Equilates™ Certification course in 2004, I knew there was something special about her. She has an incredible sense of body awareness, alignment and balance and she could see how it affected the horse and rider together as a whole. She was really able to relate to the rider biomechanically, target any challenges and bring the rider into harmony through effective Equilates™ exercises. Her great sense of humor makes hard work fun!

- Betsy Steiner, Equilates™ Founder

I have been a client of Shari’s for around three years. I started twice a week sessions after the birth of my first child because I heard Pilates was great for strengthening your core muscles. Pilates combines resistance training, stretching, light weights, and aspects of yoga to improve your flexibility, core strength and control. I continued Pilates up to a couple days before the birth of my second child which greatly helped with the baby’s delivery. Shari adjusts my routine based on my current needs, while encouraging me to challenge myself. I would highly recommend Shari and her studio for anyone looking to obtain the tremendous benefits Pilates has to offer.

- Christie Ranzau

"My goal was to improve my core strength and body alignment.  How pleased I was to learn that our equestrian community is blessed to have Shari Hart and Core Fitness Ltd. Shari's knowledge continues to help me in developing my ability as an athlete.  I love our weekly session and recommend Equilates™ to horse enthusiasts of all ages."

- Lee Ann Kagy

Core Fitness Ltd's fun and relaxed classes have given me a healthy back and a strengthened core that keeps me stronger and more flexible then I thought possible.

- Vicki Powell

I began coming to Core Fitness Ltd. in January of 2007 to get some help to fit into my Mother-of-the-Groom dress for a March wedding.  Shari assured me we would tone up my midsection so the dress would fit and be comfortable...and we did it!  I also felt better than I had in a very long time doing stretching, toning, and only a "tiny" bit of sweating . 

I had been seeing a chiropractor several times a month for small back pain.  He told me to exercise and even showed me some things to do.  I was not an informed nor a disciplined person when it came to exercise.  I would be all gung ho for a few days and then always found something else to do before I would exercise.  Well, once I started working with Shari as my trainer, I vowed to keep my appointments with her twice a week and I have been doing so now for 4 years.  The amazing outcome has been that I haven't needed a chiropractor for my back pain since 2007.  He was right!  Pilates has strengthened my core so much that my back has the support it never had before.

Thank you for all you do to keep our sessions interesting, new and fun while helping me stay fit, strong and active at the age of 64.  I will be doing Pilates for the rest of my life.  It is truly more than "exercise" - it is a part of the way I live my life.

- M

I have been able to develop good core strength through Pilates and Equilates ™ at Core Fitness Ltd.  This strength has improved my posture, flexibility and overall well-being. It has helped me become a better rider and continue to keep up with my granddaughters.  As we age, it is even more important to keep our core strong and remain as flexible as possible.  Pilates and Equilates™ has been a wonderful way for me to gain and maintain.

- Judy Stephens

Shari and her staff at Core Fitness Ltd. exemplify the ultimate in professionalism. Her dedication to her clients and her desire to continually take courses so that she can bring the very best training methods to everyone that comes to her studio is rewarded by the visible results every single client feels. As a massage therapist that specializes in the treatment of Horses and Riders, I especially like her Equilates™ sessions where she modifies each workout to be specific to the equestrian so they can focus on the strength and flexibility needed to be an effective rider. So if you live in Findlay, Ohio and want to feel and look your personal best, make Core Fitness Ltd. your first choice towards a "healthier YOU"!

- Barbara Foose
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